Native plants are a great addition to any property. Native grasses, forbs, shrubs,and trees offer food and cover for a wide range of creatures large and small.  Native wildlife have co-evolved with native plant species making an important relationship that benefits both.  Native plants also provide a wide range of benefit to a land owner like improving ecosystem health and services.  In other words using correct plants for the area can improve soil, drainage, habitat, water quality, and diversity.  Many native plants have a very deep and expansive root system, sometimes reaching 20 feet in depth. The deep roots allow the plants to better survive drought, break up compacted soils, and improve the soil's ability to absorb water.  They also require less maintenance, water and fertilizer. Types of projects we work on using native plants include but not limited to:

  • Native prairie installation and maintenance
  • Native landscaping and rain gardens
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Filter strips
  • Pollinator plots
  • Wetland plantings

Native plant projects can range from a small back yard butterfly garden to a 300+ acre prairie planting. Black River Habitats provides full service installation and maintenance for any size. Contact Us to see what we can do for you.